Effective teams -individual focus with Daily Goals

Hi :) When it comes to effective teams, there's always lots of things one should experiment, and from my experience implementing small consistent changes in both the team and also in each individual, has been the most successful approach. I believe from my experience that one cannot expect to change the whole system without first influencing parts of … Continue reading Effective teams -individual focus with Daily Goals


Notes to self

Your work is not just your work anymore. Probably it never was. Your work is also your life.  Probably the biggest part of your life. But your work is not you: it is also you. Having that in mind here are some notes for you my dear me: Sometimes you trust people too much. People … Continue reading Notes to self

Scrum Master Tip #7 – Small improvements for greater Scrum teams

Hi :) Christmas is gone but I have a gift to you, a rather small one, but as it happens with almost anything in life, great things come in small packages (cof cof cof) . I'll write about some small improvements I've done before that actually helped my teams a lot in finding their path … Continue reading Scrum Master Tip #7 – Small improvements for greater Scrum teams

Creating your Scrum Cards – Free Template


Hi :)

So after writing about how I prepare my templates (Creating your own Scrum Cards) for the team to write down User Stories, Bugs, Tasks and Improvements, I got some requests to make my template available.

So here it is : US-Bugs-Task-ToPrint (excel format).
Normally I print them using the coloured paper I want (the colours I use are in the Sheet name) and then just cut them in batches using a paper cutter.

In case you you don’t have coloured paper you can just fill out the cells with the color you want and print it in a Color Printer.

Hope it makes your life easier :)

Let me know if I can help you or provide something useful for you.

Catia Oliveira

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Turning Dysfunctions into Actions – Fighting the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

Hi All :) I just got this challenge today, from a colleague of mine, to convert my post   5 dysfunctions of a team  into something  positive we could show people without  scare them.  So rather than just posting on walls why we suck, the challenge is to post something that would make us think about … Continue reading Turning Dysfunctions into Actions – Fighting the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

Dysfunctions of a Team

Hi  :) Today I want to share with you part of  what I've learned with this amazing book  from Patrick Lencioni -The Five dysfunctions of a Team - which I truly recommend you to read. Doesn't matter if you are a Scrum Master, developer, tester,  manager or other, as long if you are a person capable of … Continue reading Dysfunctions of a Team

Ways of communicating, how we learn

Hi :) I'm back. While going through one of my presentations I found this slide with such  important information that I want to go through it again and above all share it with you. It's not something new, but I'll just write it down here, even for my own sake.. for those days when I … Continue reading Ways of communicating, how we learn