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Agile has turned 10..

February 14, 2011

This last weekend Agile has just turned 10 years old.
10 years.

I was still in School. And I guess back then I already applied some Agile principles. We all did.
I used to brief with my closest colleagues between classes. (15 minutes break) [Daily Scrum?].
I used to have a small group of colleagues (around 6) with whom I used to study [Scrum Team?].
We got together in this open space in the School, like a lost space faraway from classrooms, no noise, a big table were we could all site face to face and discuss [Open Space ?].
We used to define action items and subjects to study as well as  prioritize them and define a timetable for them- ok today we’ll study Maths in morning doing exercise 1 and 2 and afternoon we can study Porter’s chaperts on Management [Backlogs ?].
We used to do some pair working- specially on those Math or Algorithm exercises, we used to sit by pairs having one person that really understood those exercises and another with more difficulties. It worked.  [Pair-working?]
While explaining one exercise, we could think about why it was like that and figure out why it was like that [RCA?]
we used to go out and drink after exams (Also after the exams results- no matter what result) [Team building?]
We used to organize ourselves- Whom would go and request books from library, ask the teacher for help on some doubts, take fotocopies, go to other group and ask for help or material on some suject [Self-organized?]
“I heard that chapter 10 and 11 will also be refered in the test- we need to study those, lets re-plan our study” – we used to welcome late requiments.
So many silly little things we used to do, not only while at School. And we all did it. Think about it. This was already Agile oriented. Why were we able, back then, to keep our eyes on the ball, keep simple.. get the job done..and looks so complex and hard to do.
Is it that we forgot to embrace our job as we did back then?

Happy anniversary Agile!


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