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Manage by means, not numbers..nothing compared to the comma

February 21, 2011

Manage by means, not by numbers

Loved it when I heard it. Although it may go against all principles of simplicity. No way you can manage anything in a simple way if you’ll do it by means. So much simple to manage something by numbers.

Anyway, I really liked this sentence. So full of meaning in any workplace pilled up with burocrats (not saying mine is). Although I guess if this sentence is said in this kind of place, probably it won’t be understood anyway. Worth the try.

But this was before. Then I realized this sentence is not all it represents. There’s a hidden place between “manage by means ” and “not by numbers. Yep! I’m talking about the comma. That damn comma is important, believe me.

That “Comma” (I now assume it as a divine entity full of wisdom and magic) knows about the in-between of decisions. I heard her whispering…

Except if the mean leads to a number… then.. don’t fool yourself.
Take the courage to assume you need a number. If you do that, at least you are giving yourself a chance and the others fighting along with you.

Nothing else is more deadly than the lack of expectation.
We walk, run, stand, fight, we go to the end of the world. We just need to know whom to follow and why. Show us a mean. Even if it is a number.

I guess she’s right… I don’t want to be top of the class… I want to be number 1.


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