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Recipes and Projects

February 25, 2011


Project Management methodologies are like recipes. They are. Stop fooling yourself.  Ten steps to success, 2 steps to annihilate poor-performance teams…whatever.  Have you ever tried to cook?

You can’t cook so you follow a recipe. It may work or not. Surely, even if it does,  one thing is guareentee : it will never taste as good as it could.. you’re missing some natural talent, inspiration,  intuition…more than this.. inspiring yourself by tasting and feeling what you are doing.


Managing projects is like cooking. Nothing guareentess you’ll manage it by following the recipe. Best case scenario you won’t fail completely..but surely you will not be fully successfull.  Even if you manage to do a good product in time (which I honestly doubt),  you’ll loose your team – or working group..because if your following recipes, they don’t teach you how to grow and manage teams, rather how to discipline and dictate working groups.


So, when managing something think about cooking. Feel the flavor, smell it. Talk to those that will eat your food, eat it yourself and see what’s missing (aka eating your own dog food).  Gather insights, inspiration, suggestion from others in the kitchen.  Don’t blindly follow the recipe.  You’ll end up with an tastefulness thing in your plate  and you’ll never be a Chef!


My pre-weekend 2 cents.






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