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DoD as for done and not Doomed

March 29, 2011

There is nothing more effective than starting to explain something using a rule.

Here goes a DoD rule:

“When someone describes something as done, everyone must understand what done means” – [Ken Schwaber & Jeff Sutherland on Scrum Guide]

Interesting hum? It means basically that if you want to say you are a lemon, then everyone must understand what a Lemon is. Maybe, just maybe, if people are starting to speak a language, then perhaps we should not expect them to know what a lemon is but rather try to show them  that a lemon is something like you.

I ‘m sure Ken and Jeff are right. Perhaps, as everything in Agile world, they figured out that the world is under the same conditions as their first “agile team” was. Maybe it is not. Some basic things are still missing.. engagement, synchronization, communication, trust, openness, willingness… so many details to make it work.

Why Dod? Because each increment must be a complete slice of the Done defines what it means to be complete.

And, did you know it is Scrum Master responsibility to ensure that everyone knows the DoD defined? Or that the Scrum Master should prevent the team from demonstrating or discuss PB items that are not Done according to DoD?

Oh yeah! Looks like you are empowered after-all.


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