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Agile Transformers Suck

April 12, 2011

Here we go… Agile Transformers Suck. It is true, inevitable and … unbearable!

This is how I see most of Agile Transformers:

Yeah! STUPID and FAKE!

Just because you get inside a suit doesn’t mean you are the character right?

Actually it is exactly the opposite!… instead of a highly effective and intelligent robot, full of fancy  machinery and guns, fast and polished aluminum circuits.. you just look ridiculous with the plastic made suit… plus, it slows you down cause you are not prepared to run or move around with so much plastic around. Dressing this up..makes you as much as of a Transformer as eating bananas.

And what would people say if they see you with this suit? I mean..regular people…yeah! they’ll say you are crazy…

Maybe the Transformers fans may cherish you..but still they know it is not the real they are misleading themselves (delusional) or they like to see you making  a joke out of yourself.

So, where are the real good people that may lead the change? That’s easy: They are working on the product. They are doing code,  brochures,  phone calls or visiting the customer,… Only people that work in and for the product can actually “transform” anything.. I mean.. they are the one’s expected to change right?

When you say you want your Organization to do Agile transformation you mean :

Organization: people that work in something that brings value to stakeholders.

Agile: something that someone ensures that when used inside organizations, costs are reduced and productivity increased.

Transformation: kick out the old bats and keep smart people working on full power.

So, if we are talking about changing someone’s way of working and being, you better try inception rather than obligation.

You don’t need to dress that stupid Transformer Suit and try to convince about something you don’t even know what it is.

You should come to the teams and work with them. Eat their  dog food  and understand why they can’t bare it.  Listen to their problems before giving solutions. ASK before ANSWERING.

And don’t call yourself Agile Transformer… you aren’t.  Not alone.



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