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April 27, 2011

This is a thing I’ve been longing to say.

I haven’t written it yet but I’ve thought about it a lot and have talked about of it thousands of times.

I’ve never really knew if people understood what I meant.  Sometimes people say they do but they don’t, they hear but they don’t listen.

Maybe it’s a crazy idea, but I honestly feel for it. I want it to come true.: I want the place I work to be the most respected and wanted in the business world.

I don’t want people to come here just to add experience to their curriculum.

I want people to work hard in other places until they are good enough to be accepted to work here.  To be proud to be part of our family and to know they are special for it.  I want everyone to do their best so that they are worthy to join us.

I wouldn’t mind to leave if I was proved to be unworthy.  I would even be proud if that happened.  And I surely would do my best to join again.

My two cents today.


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