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Daily Scrums

May 20, 2011

It’s not easy to facilitate a Daily Scrum.

15 minutes of focused conversation, trying to bring everyone’s attention to what matters the most. Avoid side-talks… ans most of all contain the will of Chickens and make them stay quiet.

If someone goes to a daily Scrum (a chicken i mean) that shows that that person cares about what’s going on.. probably that person doesn’t understand when and how to talk.. or even that interrupting the meeting may bring more trouble than help.  We shouldn’t knock-out those guys. And that’s not easy when you know as a Scrum Master that you must protect the team and simply tell chickens to shut up.

I’m tough and I’m known for that. Sometimes people even find me rude. I’m rude, that’s a fact. Nevertheless I don’t want people to stop speaking just because they listen to something and they feel impelled to help. I want them to join and help.

So today I had this Idea. Print cards with chicken and Pigs and distribute before daily scrum.

Let us see if it works out without offending anyone!


From → Agile, People, Scrum

  1. I’m not sure if that metaphor really does more good than harm…
    Keep us updated how it works:-)

  2. Sónia Won permalink

    Me Like!
    Won, Sonia

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