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Things I like about #ale2011

August 3, 2011

Well..this one is easy. I dare to say: the greatest event in Europe for 2011.

I really liked Xp2011, plus it was during xp2011 that Ale planners managed to meet and start this community.

But still Ale2011 has got it more than any other event. Sorry about that mates. It’s true. Here go some hints about what makes Ale2011 so fuc*** awesome –


– It’s an UNconference.

– Rachel Davies

– Bjarte Bogsnes

– Jon Jagger

– Dave Snowden

– Jurgen Appelo

–  ..

– It’s the first time I see a conference sponsoring people. It’s amazing! ALE is using sponsors money to sponsor people. Is there anything more respectful to Lean and Agile Values?

– 3 days of  “all talks are amazing.. what will I choose!?”

– 3 days of ” All talks are amazing.. and I don’t have to choose cause this guys managed to keep few tracks so that I can go to  a lot of talks rather than just stick to 1 or 2 the all day”

– ALE is beautiful.. I mean:  it is! it’s the biggest (and wider) community in Europe … let’s face it: it’s easy to keep (let us say randomly) Americans united… not easy to keep Europeans cause we are truly different. Americans (let’s just say randomly) aren’t different from each other… they all like chicken wings and Neil Armstrong (and yeah..Chuck Norris too)

ALE  is a conference organized by people, to people. That’s it. That’s what’s making it the number one this year.


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