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Why you should hire me – part of it. The rest you need to figure it out on the field.

August 30, 2011

I have a bad temper.

I get angry often. I don’t like people.

I’m  aggressive when defending my ideas.

I’m rude. And sometimes I’m arrogant.

I’m always arrogant, until You get to know me and see that after all I’m not.

I say jokes. A lot of. I spend half a conversation saying jokes and teasing people talking to me.

I don’t like stupidity and I tend to get irritated when I see empowered people doing the opposite of what they should do although they preach it the other way around.

I’m  good.

Anyway, you should met me.

I’m a good person. I’m inspired and motivated.

I like working. Really do.  I don’t play fortune games ’cause I don’t want to get rich, else I could think about not working and that would make me miserable.

I’m not expensive (ask my company),  so I really do it for fun and mostly because  I’m a believer.

I like people. I’m a people person. I like standing and talk to people, about their problems, about my problems.. and every time I do this, Magic!, I get to help that person, help myself or sometimes just create a new enthusiastic idea. Love people.

I’m fun. Most people love being around me. I always break the ice with some silly joke. I get meetings to be funnier and less boring. Sometimes I even get to manage people’s motivation from out of nothing. And that’s really important for me. There’s no money paying the vision of a  sparkle in someone’s intellect.

I’m intelligent. I am. Once a manager told me – this was like 5 years ago, so I may have lost that (I haven’t but I’ll give you the opportunity to wonder)- back in those days when I was still a Junior trainee, that my humor was the proof of my intelligence, as only intelligent people were able to do humor in such an spontaneous way. I guess that was a compliment. I guess I made a joke after hear him saying that.

So this is the proof of my intelligence: I’m funny.  If I was applying to let us say NASA, to work out in the Space shuttle’s reactors (which by the way aren’t that hard, but you get the point) I would say: You should hire me cause I’m able to do jokes about those reactors of yours” … I’m kidding, you get the point here, I work with people not reactors, so being funny is important. As I said, to break the ice or just share something and make people feel comfortable, relaxed, in a friendly environment.

I’m passionated. And you know love… when people get in love they do this weird things, that’s why sometimes it looks like I’m loosing my temper..but I’m not! I’ m just in love with you and your problems..and I’m here to love you no matter what.. to me your like a baby.. and I’m here to help you grow or.. you know.. just do some cleaning.

I’m trustful.  That has to do with love also. I really feel this sense of belonging (here goes my intrinsic lever) when I’m working.  I feel like knocking out all competitors and just boast myself about the place and people I work with. Does this make me choose better the places I work ? Does this make me choose at all? I honestly don’t know.

It’s like my dog. She’s pretty ugly you know. We just caught her from the streets and saved her, but still the animal is really ugly. Doesn’t matter anyway… I like her and I wouldn’t change her for any other dog even if that was a Beauty contest award winner (A dog contest I mean) . So,  I guess this is the same with jobs. Naaa… I admit it,  this is the same for all stuff in my life. I don’t pick up things because they are pretty. I pick them up because… and then they pick me and then I just never let them go.

So maybe I can say my company is a ugly dog, but I like it anyway. At least for now. I’m having second guesses. I’m angry now while writing this, cause I see some silly decisions. Same old silly decisions. Nowadays I don’t think we should stand for that.. Come on! so many information around you, you don’t have an excuse to take silly decisions anyway.

Getting back to the point:

I’m a student. I’m not a student, but I’m still. I’m always trying to learn and I like it. Sometimes I confess I get bored  of reading books (I bought a lot, paper, kindle, pdf… you name it! at least I’m trying) ,  I wish someone could do this TV session with books… interviews or someone explaining the book… humm.. here’s a business idea beyond youtube and those homemade things. I want to learn. I’m still just a small part of what I can be and I know it. But sometimes I get tired of reading. I’m an Action-person. I like practice. Theory… makes me fall asleep. Honest. Not always, 98% of the time-. I have this condition you know…not my fault!

Well, this is getting to long, and I quite don’t know If I’ve made it through .. bottom line I’m all of this, plus I’m all of what I’m still not and I’m eager to be.

And , I’m good, but still this is not about me – this is about you. This is about what I could do for you.

You know, I think You should hire me.


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