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#ALE2011 – Disclaimer

September 12, 2011


This is not a post about the wonderful keynotes, talks, lightning talks or open spaces we had back @ Ale2001

This is a post with a simple opinion I have about the Awesomeness of this event: now called as ALESsomeness :)

This post is called disclaimer because I may offend all great speakers we had, but still it’s worthy the risk.  I need you all to know (I mean the 4 readers I have, me included):


The most ALEsome thing we had on ALE2011 didn’t come from the stage but rather from the audience.

This was probably the first time I saw this. Normally all the sparks come from the stage, but this time they didn’t. I mean, they did also, but ohhh man, the fire we saw coming from the audience, the will to speak and share. OUTSTANDING.

This was an event with people and for people.  That was no audience, those were our PARTICIPANTS: They shared, debated, created, emerged, they have grown our network.. and I’ve found 200 more people whom I really want to follow and read about. If  the organizers may have been the heart of ALE, you my friends have been the muscled body of it.


I know the speakers enjoyed a lot this climate. Who didn’t!? truly great spirit. And you know something: Speakers are better when we catch then later for a beer… I’ve learned so much more with you guys on all those after-hours sessions! :) I’m really overwhelmed by your kindness on helping me defeating my ignorance and your charm a’re all so much more than what we see!


ALE  is alesome-  Organized by less than 30 people, grown by more than 200. ALE first face-to-face event (ALE2011) was a neural network. Filled with Ideas, feelings, thoughts, breakthroughs, friendship and above all: respect.


I dare you to do better than this. I dare you to do something when Respect is birectional. I dare you to grow such a network where listeners are as important as speakers. You can’t right? Of course not… all the best people are already with us.


Ps:  I disclaim my disclaimer.

Ps- I’m sick today, don’t know if I caught something during the flights of if my body is rejecting the absence of ALE2011






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  1. Sónia Won permalink

    “You can’t right? Of course not… all the best people are already with us.”
    Are you talking to me???
    There’s always a way to do better!
    Better is infinite!
    You can count on me to prove it!

  2. Thank you, Catia… I don’t think anyone will be offended by this ALESomeness:-)
    take care

  3. Sonia: no way…you crazy Portuguese!

    • Sónia Won permalink

      Hmm, half Portuguese and half south Korean is also fine!

  4. Olaf :) .. I blame you for all of my sickness and sadness.. I blame you for growing this bigger.. now I miss you guys..and the flow of ideas and people.. all that diversity.. little puzzle pieces that have created this brilliant ALE Network… I blame you!

  5. You’re absolutely right. This is the first time in my life where I don’t make a single effort to exchange with people. A permanent sharing experience, where as soon as you speak to someone, you get something from her/him.

    Take care.

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