When your company wants the divorce

It’s Marcin’s (@mfloryan) fault this post.

Once upon a time, on a sunny Twitter’s afternoon…

@mfloryan: The only way to present company values is to demonstrate them in action. No lists. No posters. No statements.

@CatOliv : yeah! try a list when ur wife asks you how much u love her :D

@mfloryan: Great example! :)

@CatOliv : Let’s link divorce and getting fired !

@mfloryan: wow. There’s an interesting parallel. I have to think more about it…

And here I am. You know me Marcin, I don’t think :D I just write down silly things.

I hope this will be a teaser for you to write down with me. Pair-Writing :)

It’s not uncommon to see people ( those little bastards) waving values. Let’s agree on something: If you wave it, then it’s not a value: It’s a paper. Remember when your parents taught you about life (and values).. how not to bite other humans, nor eat dirt .. oops! I mean: not teasing smaller kids nor mess up with elder people. Not stealing (although we do it everyday over the internet..).

Now tell me, if I had your parent’s values written on a piece of paper and If I waved it and swear I was fully commited and folllowing those, would you believe it? Honestly, would you?

Of course not.. you know it takes more than some piece of paper and heavy reading.. it takes time and life (and patience if we are talking about our parents)..living those things.. Gemba: go there and experiment (thank you Stephen! @Leanvoices) .. YOU GOT TO FEEL IT!

Our tweet talk wasn’t about parent’s values, but I just slipped over to it now. Anyway you get the point. You can’t show values using lists, posters, statements, newsletters, t-shirts…whatever! It’s like taking a list of things to say when your spouse asks you if you like her/him. “Yes honey, of course I do and here’s why.. damn it! Who washed my jeans with my list in it?”

Get ready for divorce, or move your ass and start showing it and living it every fu** day of your life. My best friend told me yesterday (after 2 hour debating about Beyond budgeting, Motivation and trust): I’m not a believer but I want to believe.

What does this have to do with values, you tell me.


Of course I have a disclaimer!

Living by the values is not the same as printing and waving them.
Nevertheless printing and listing, and tshirt-ing is also important for creating a common understanding. People need to know which are their Company values. But this is just step 1. Don’t just stop there.


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