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Travelling far

September 28, 2011

If there’s something that blows my head off is not getting recognized for my effort.

I don’t need money or prizes, just need energy and strength..someone to tell me: Hey! you have done good ; Hey! thanks..

Something, anything honest.

Well today was just one of those days. I just feel like leaving all behind..people look like walking dead.. no emotions, no feelings.. fucking robots we’ve created with this silly modern society.

Where the frack are our values? When I was a kid I may had my fights, broken teeth or scratched legs, whatever ..but I knew about values: about friendship and loyalty. About being thankful.

Now it looks like nobody gives a damn. People are quiet like if they knew they are doomed forever, no chance of changing.

Actually they don’t want to change. They fit and that’s all that matters. Broken cogs doing strange sounds and spinning in a weird motion.

Do you think that fitting is all that matters? Don’t answer, I don’t care.

I need to change my strategy. That was my conclusion after feeling again I may be wrong. Maybe I’m a broken cog. Spinning around my own beliefs.

Maybe I need to change.

So I decided to change. No. I choose to change.

I accept that my ideas don’t work when I’m the one trying to explain then .

I’ll change.

I’ll try to take the advantage –  Let others spread my ideas. They’ll probably go far than I would.

I don’t need recognition. I never did. Maybe just some energy. Why am I not given that?

Maybe I am. Or maybe just maybe I don’t need it after all.

If you want to travel fast, travel alone. If you want to travel far, travel with someone.

Thank you for listening. I need it.



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  1. Join the Linchpins :) and come onboard!

  2. Sónia Won permalink

    Do you remember that issue between me and Eelco about being the innovator, at Jurgen talk?
    You know that changes are very hard for most of the people.
    And that’s why most of the times there are only The First Guy that do the Innovator role.
    You know when I say guy, I mean a person that belong to the guys world.
    I’m a guy!

    So, you are the “start-fire”!
    Don’t you dare to give up!
    I’m following you…

    … to hell! mu-ah ha ha

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