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Hints for Agile Transformation- Part 2

October 6, 2011

Hi :)

In my last post I shared with you some hints (from my own experience) on stuff you should be aware when proceeding with this thing called “Agile Transformation”.


Some more hints here today:

Why? well, pick up the obvious answer : because YOU’LL LOOSE.
Companies are delicate system.
Rather we like it or not, most companies are based on rule’s systems:
-rules to reduce costs,
-rules to increase profitability,
-to knock-out competitors,
-to control employees,
-to create addiction on buyers..

All this rules turn to be the company’s identity (strength and weakness).

If  you try to change them by trying to knock them out, you’ll have an identity crises and everyone will fight against that  change.  The answer here might be: first get to know the system, and it’s rules. Then, well… then be a Lawyer: find your way around in order to make your case.

After getting people to understand your point, You’ll see how quick the Company changes the silly rules.

This links to my second hint:



We all suck until we don’t.

Baby steps: small changes make solid breakthroughs. All big minds fail.. the thing is they don’t quit and keep on, know why? because they know what they want- they don’t loose their goal..and that helps on having something to step up for.

So don’t give up, at least you are trying to make things better.

I hear – I forget
I see – I remember
I do – I understand
– involve people,  make them feel worthy and them grow them
Share the most valuable things you have. Don’t preach about sharing if your not able to do the same.
I some time see Organizations as Drugs addicted. As so,  you should not try to change them from night to day. It’s a long painfull path. A path of trust and support. Give and take.

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