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Know the one that walks with you

October 9, 2011

For a moment in my life I truly believed that to be usefull to the people I work with I just needed to fully apply my time in learning and searching for knowledge. It’s true that one thing leads to another and so knowledge grows in one’s head. But still this was never enough. It will never be enough.
I’m learning that for me to excel I cannot, ever, apply all my time on searching for new things. I must stop once in a while. Everyone does.
Take a break, a break during the storm. Learn to breathe. Listen your own thoughts, those not talking about work or other people, your desires. Allow your body to explode. We keep our bodies constantly tied up to a chair, an office, a routine.

Breathe. Breathe as much as you can. Take your time. Nothing you do will have any meaning if you cannot understand the world you’re in. Can I listen and understand people when I still do not know me? Can one excel among others before knowing his own boundaries or just know the color of the spark that keeps one moving?

It’s sunday. I’ve taken my break. I still don’t know myself but today I know a bit more about me, this silly me that talks for me all the time.


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