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October 10, 2011

Just read Implementing Beyond Budget from Bjarte Bosgnes (great book I strongly recommend you, specially if you are managing budgets or people) and I want to leave with you some of the ideas I found about leadership:

  • We need more Leadership and less Management – people are hungry for good leadership: direction, inspiration and support
  • Good leaders should create: clarity, capability and commitment – they need to give the direction on which mountain to climb, and then the ability & wish to get there
  • Leadership must be built ON and not against human Nature
  • Do not make a rule based on the exception- The strategy seems to be Preventive Control on all People, rather than Damage control on the few people that break the trust.
  • Transparency is the new control system (and this is why thieves operate during night)

There’s this old Chinese saying:

If you want to travel fast- travel alone; If you want to travel far – travel together.

And for Baseball lovers, Yogi Berra used to say:

“Future just ain’t what it used to be”



Take a break and think about this.


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