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No talk, lets use better stuff you nerds

October 11, 2011

I still get amazed when someone prefers to write an email and while getting no answer chooses to write more emails referring to that same old shitty email no one obviously read. While doing that we can see or imagine flames getting out of his eyes and saliva like mad dogs.

Why choose f2f talks? We are sometimes working in the same company, sometimes even in the same building and floor, but no! lets keep on using mail, that’s why we pay a fee to microsoft! lets make good use of our money.

All of this remembers me when we were younger and got mad with our brothers or sisters, then we would write stupid sentences in tiny papers and push them under one’s bedroom.

Hell yeah! let’s keep on doing that. We don’t need to talk. Talk makes you thirst. And sometimes you need to repeat yourself until the other person gets it. With email you don’t. One can read it all over again and even if they don’t get the message, you don’t care! it’s written and you have your Sent Folder proving it!

Now I wonder if we hadn’t got mail..maybe we would use good old fax..or pigeons.

Our next generations will be born without mouth and ears..just fingers to type. And that my friend..will be your fault.



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