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Scrum Master Tip #1 : How do you want your steak?

October 11, 2011

This is my first post on Scrum Master tips.

I decided to write tips and hints on stuff. At least I may be doing some good to the world by sharing my own experiences :)

Tip #1
Definition of done

Definition of done is one of the most hard things to get right in scrum.
Everyone understands definition of done, almost everyone has one, but unfortunately almost no one uses it to get a product out of the sprint, most of people pretend to use it.

DoD shapes the value out of a outcome.

So my tip for Scrum masters: never stop paying attention to DoD: Dod will make clear the meaning of each functionality to everyone. When PO and Teams define and understand DoD this means they both understand what’s valuable to customer and what will fulfill customer needs

Ken Schwaber & Jeff Sutherland wrote on Scrum Guide
“When someone describes something as done, everyone must understand what done means”

So, Scrum Master, don’t ever forget to ask everyone: How do you want your steak ? and then make sure they know what steak are.

Ps: I loved them rare, but that’s just me.


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