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Deliver? Piece of cake!

October 20, 2011

Today I had this marvelous experience, we called it Innovation day.

A bunch of strangers from the same company (yes this may happen in big companies) stuck together in groups to implement an idea.

We didn’t knew the Idea, we read about it in a corporate tool, but the author was not available. Fortunately it was something everyone in the group knew what it meant cause we all have had that problem.

We got into the room, strangers organized by a google doc ( we submitted our names to the idea) and we had an objective: prototype the idea.

By prototyping the idea I mean to pick it up and show it is a good and  implementable  idea.  Also, by doing a prototype we show to which extent the costs of implementing (for real) that idea may go.

It is possible. We managed to brainstorm, gather tasks, choose (freely) the tasks, search for material (everywhere in the company, anything is good for a prototype!) and keep up motivation, drive, autonomy and finally feel we will deliver.

It is possible! We may have been strangers for a while but our common purpose created the bounds we needed in order to preform a good job and make some new friends. I say now: I would trust those guys to be in my team, I want to have those guys in my team!

So don’t come to me with bullshits Scrummies! It is possible to pick up a item not so well defined and work it out into something good enough to be deliver. It is possible to start your day with perfect strangers and end up with a bunch of buddies. It is possible to be proud and motivated and feel those butterflies in your belly while working.

Yes, we had impediments and barriers:

– lots of time before having simple things as network connection for us to produce some of our work- No problem! we use paper to brainstorm and later after having all set up we just copied it into computer. And we didn’t distracted ourselves with daily work and mails pop-up.

– no food – No problem! we all bring something and by doing that I assure we I’ve never had so much food around me while at the office – good one and not so expensive as we all contributed.

– no roadmap or fancy tools to had our effort- we didnt need it! We had paper and pen, we described with bullets the things we needed to do and everyone picked up something

– we had to ask help from people outside that initiative- no issue! when you are doing something you want and like, it’s really easy to ask and convince others to help you..they see the spark in your eyes!

– we didn’t knew each other. Actually that was the best part of it, cause if I don’t know you then by default I will trust you, as you have never let me down.

– nobody would tell you what to do –  perfect! People pick up what they like best and they do an amazing job!

What a wonderful day! We met, we brainstormed, we organized, we worked and…we deliver!


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