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Changes- why they are so difficult

November 23, 2011

I know this is a question that puzzles you as much as it puzzles me.

I know you need people around you to change, or at least to embrace the idea that the world is constantly evolving.

I know how frustrating it is to know an answer (right or wrong- it doesn’t matter actually) to share it and to see reluntancy in someone else’s eyes. If they would only listen! We don’t need you to do it from night to day, this ain’t FEDEX, we just want  you to listen and give it a thought.. maybe recognize that there is life beyond your cottonish-belly!

But that day never comes.

And then you, a great thinker,  end up as a brainless zombie or as the bigger Cottonish-Belly of them all!

Now, listen to me.

Changes are not easy.

Ok let us start again. After Adam and Eve being so boring,  God gave it a thought and as a funny guy he his, he said: No way, too easy, let’s start from a draft. Hey Lucy, come here, let me see your drawings baby! Ohhh so cute…ah ah ah. He laugh for 7 days they say.Then

GOD created US: The monkeys.

( Meet the Monkeys.. To make it sound more scientificish, let’s call it: The Primates)

Being The Primates, we evolved, we got to stand up, lost some hair and.. also we got fat and clownish (although less funny).

Then something really strange happened –  Some Monkeys got smarter than others – My bad!  I Meant

–  Some Primates kept being as they were while some others changed.

Why? Well because they rather be slim,  hairy and .. they don”t mind bending over.

And what I want to tell you is: THAT IS OK!

Think about it: why not accept them as they are? Won’t we be happier if we keep the world as an ecosystem?

So, the problem here is you. You are not accepting this. Sometimes, standing still is also changing. Cause the world keeps spinning. You need to change yourself by accepting they are also changing, although not at the same speed, efficiency or way you’re doing.

This was the first thing I wanted to tell you: If they don’t want to change – let them be. Don’t chase. Let them come to you. If they don’t, never mind… you still have millions of Monkeys needing your help.

NOW, the hard stuff: what about when you have to work with them?

Well, then you should remember one thing:

Although Wikipedia says:

“World wide more than one in three people in most countries report sufficient criteria for at least one at some point in their life. In the United States 46% qualifies for a mental illness at some point.

You should consider that people around you are still healthy. So, being healthy, smart and evolved monkeys – why the hell can’t they make changes smoothly? why is it so difficult?

Well, remember when I said we are primates? that’s still true. As such, part of our brain keeps information vital to our survival- to keep us safe. So, what’s keeping you safe nowadays rather than having our predators inside cages? Of course! Knowing everything around us. If you know stuff around you, you feel safe, you feel in control and so you keep your survival instinct is steady.

Now imagine what may happen if I go to the monkey and tell him he must change the things he does and how he does it.

Bang! Bum! Crash! Monkey brain goes nuts! there are all this flash-lights (kind of Brain radiator) saying your getting in danger!

First reaction: Monkey says no, Monkeys fight you if you insist, Monkey runs with Banana.

If you find the right tune to talk to the Monkey, in time, showing with examples and real case scenarios, supporting and giving him lots of bananas from other sources, then the Monkey will have the physical and psicological strenght to replace the info he has stored for so many years in his brain.

Think about it. Let this banana grow in your brain.

See ya!


Ps: Yes, I could have named neuro-cience in this post and add scientific credits and links, but then again.. that would be too easy and way less fun for me. Primates!


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  1. Nice Post :) in fact that’s the perfect analogy for our working environments, you miss only one category, the gorilla’s, unlike the common primates they will never change..

  2. Awesome:-)
    Thank you, Cat!
    Take care

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