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Changing Teams Changes you

February 15, 2012

Some weeks ago there I was with this team doing a retrospective. A team with no appointed Scrum master, luckily a team with a Team Leader, a true leader with an open, honest, transparent and human mindset. He was leading the retrospective, something he actually does pretty well.

At the end I asked them how did they felt about rotating the organization of the retrospective. They kind of looked  and said that yes, they could give it a try. It actually might be funny!

It was not easy for that Team Leader to let it go, not because he wants to control but just because he’s actually pretty good at it and he enjoys doing it. He obviously accepted it and later we talked about how important it is to leave our comfort zones.

And this is where I come in.

I am.. hum..probably like you are!  I talk about comfort zones, I understand them, I smell them and  I actually have abandon some in my life.. but if I stop, I know : there’s still a lot I can do about it.

And that is what makes the difference right? I mean,  we  actually can do great talks, presentations, trainings, face to face conversations.. but can we be the best of us if we don’t live our own disruptiveness?

Answer: I don’t know. It might be.

So I’m trying now. I’m changing everything.  Job. Home. Country. Friends. Leaving all behind. Moving forward.

I can. I have lots of comfort zones to leave. And do you wanna know what I’ve realized these days? People come to me and wish me good luck… and all I can think is: I should be wishing you good luck, not the opposite.

I may crash along my path, but it doesn’t really matter!’s part of business and life if that happens. I’ll grow bigger.

These days, I feel more energize and motivated than ever! Yes I’ll miss you guys.. of course I will. But you know me, I can always do better ;). You have taught me that, changing you has changed me.




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