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Never assume- Always ASK

April 16, 2012

Today was a long nice day.

I got home tired, I talked a lot, I listened a lot,  I saw a  lot and I want to do a lot.

Just some minutes ago I twitered :

” note to self: never assume things. Specially when they are ‘obvious’. There’s no such thing as obvious.All depends where you’re standing ”

Now I wonder how did I miss such an important lesson I already knew (something obvious actually).

Sometimes we think things are obvious and easy to see by anyone that surrounds us, we think that to such an extent that we forget to talk about it and explain it if necessary.  And that my friends,  is a big egocentric mistake.

One should always remember that knowing something isn’t obvious to someone else but you. And people aren’t ignorant or stupid, they just didn’t have the chance to understand and or learn it before.  So, from where I stand now, I am the ignorant.

But in the end, I’m happy. I manage to teach myself that Obvious isn’t that Obvious, even when it seems obvious.



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  1. Pedro Röseler permalink

    Seems obvious. :p

  2. Obviously! :D

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