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A gift for the Agile Community

May 7, 2012

Hi there!

WAZZUP ?!?   :D


Long time no see, it’s how they say…when you are having fun you don’t have time to tell about it :).

But this is not what has brought me here today. today I have good news and A GIFT for all the people in the agile community.

This is a personal project I have together with my dearest friend @pintolaranja (translates into Orange Chick) , with no intention of getting rich or be (more) famous ( ;>).

This is purely from our hearts, with the evil intention to  make it easy for all of  us who want to know what’s, and where are the hot agile events happening.

We intend to upgrade this with a cool map and enhance user experience. For that we need you to give us feedback. Do it! Give it a try! Help us all!

Also we built it in a way everyone can update it and add new stuff. We don’t have any moderation system, we trust users. So.. go make it grow!





Ps: We’ll have more cool apps coming :




See ya!!

The WE DO IT FOR FUN Organization ;>




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