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Key indicators of Team happiness

May 10, 2012

Key indicators of team happiness was something that struck me the other day. Out of nothing, as always, something I heard while walking through the corridors and  that made this click on my

head. Then I started observing some other things happening around me that also were a sign of team’s happiness. There is more stuff for sure, but I will only talk about this 3 obvious things you will certainly also notice around you.

I see teams cursing and damning the software and the build system (oh that little red devil). I see them stressed, under pressure, in frustration, angry, confused, tired.. you name it. Think about yourself! But nevertheless you can see some indicators that they love their work and that they are actually pret ty happy about that they achieve and with whom they do it.

Here are just 3 of the most silly but obvious one’s:

1. System.out.println(“Hello World!”);

They get here in the morning with their big smiles saying hello to everyone and telling silly jokes just to get everyone in the mood. They look like saying ” Hey i’m back home again, just went out

for some sleep”. This is a most positive point. They are not playing goofy, they are sharing their happiness for being at that place with the people they like to spend an important part of their day. Actually the most important if you think about it! When you get home, all the stress goes away, you are in your kingdom with your loved ones. While at work, you are under pressure, dealing with different cultures, people, opinions, failures and success. That’s where all the thrill happens!

2. System.out.println(“See ya Later Alligator!”);

They leave in the afternoon, but they take too long packing because they still want to chat a bit and be sure everything will be the same the day after.

A kind of promise everyone will be back. This is also positive. Means they are of course happy to leave, cause life exists outside the office, but they are happy they can come back. They will come back. And do it all over again. They don’t have to, they want to.

3. System.out.println(“We are Awesome!”);

This is for me the most important indicator, and the one that made me write this post. It makes the best of my day, when I to wonder through the corridors and lots of times hear people talking to each other saying: ” you know what would be cool?”
And this is the most important indicator you need to know in order to understand if your team is happy about what they do. When they are always trying to think out of the box, thinking about new stuff for the product they are building.. not just getting stucked to the plans, no! having space to dream and create, thenyou know they care for it. They like it and they want to make it even better.

This is what makes them return every morning. This is what makes me return every morning. The amazing everyday.

See ya!


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