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Engage your team – seeking and finding followers

August 14, 2012

Dear reader,

How often when leading we use good examples to support us?

How often when talking, while trying to explain something, we use that person (which we know it’s already engaged) as an example to support to our case?

It’s human, we always seek for supporters. That’s why we try to be surrounded by family and friends. Football clubs. Religion. Going to same grocery store, Church, Same strip bar*. Whatever.

But today I was thinking that maybe sometimes we should just seek for something else, rather: someone else than our “star supporter” .

Just try to go and seek elsewhere. Pick up someone else, even if you don’t know if you are really being supported by that someone else, go for it if you see some empathy or slight engagement.

There are at least 3 reasons to do this, as far as I see it:

1- You don’t fall into the old trap of everyone listening to you feeling that you have favorites (even, specially!, when it’s not true.. )

2- You empower someone else and praise his engagement  (and everyone else will pay attention and feel like: oh! I can do that to0)

3-  You. For you.  If you start seeking new followers, you’ll start finding them. And at the end of the day you might just find yourself surrounded by people that ..well: follow you, and  maybe even inspire you to keep on and, if that’s the case: do better.

Hope this helps you today. Just popped up on my mind.

See ya!

*Strip bar  was used here only for SEO purposes :D


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