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Ode to the Scrum Master

December 17, 2012

I’m the darkest hour
I bring trouble and pain
My words are sour
I’ll make you play my game.

Come to me with no stubbon mindset
I’ll break you and your assumptions
like the dawn by the sunset
My voice stands against interruptions

But I try to heal, and all I get is hurt.
I try to fix, and I get broken.
Managers find me inert
and my lovely teams find me too outspoken

In the end i’m a lonely being
no place in current world
although more like me I keep seeing
fighting like hell for the holy word

Master they call me in scrum
but all I do is question,
Agile or not you are done
because i will change your direction

I will grow perfect teams
happy people delivering
using all my knowledge to that mean
i’ll let no one hindering

and I promise to be honest and just
I promise i will back you up
I promise my openness and all my trust
I promise I’ll never turn my back but

Today I found I love my job,
but also that my job doesn’t love me
Not the people around, that’s odd!
Although some feel good,they never say it.

Only evil speaks in these walls
And I grow tired from so much fights and wounds
But i promised: Thy shall never fall !
and now, I dont know anymore.


From → Agile, People, Scrum

  1. JMassapina permalink

    An accurate and inspired vision!!! The vast experience which leads to simplicity.
    The simple, the real target!!!

    Happy holidays!

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