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Notes to self

November 11, 2014

Your work is not just your work anymore. Probably it never was.

Your work is also your life.  Probably the biggest part of your life.

But your work is not you: it is also you.

Having that in mind here are some notes for you my dear me:

  1. Sometimes you trust people too much.
  2. People lie. Yes they do. Don’t be stupid. And, they have personal agendas.
  3. You like recognition. Yes you do, whomever says different is a liar, or a fool.
  4. People who lose your trust most likely will never gain it again. I know. Sorry but you can’t help it.
  5. You’ve won your right to be here . No one will take it from you. Except you.
  6. You are lucky. Life itself  conspired to have you here. Right now. In this moment. You are alive. You are the product of billions of years of evolution (whatever that means).
  7. You are not perfect, You are unique.
  8. Theory of constraints: the chain is as strong as it’s weakest link. That is you also.
  9. You scan before reading. If you don’t see headings or list of topics you most probably won’t read it. Articles should have distinct areas so you can land your  eyes somewhere. Remember this when reading something important.
  10. “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein
  11. Don’t stop trusting people. Once in a while someone deserves it..and it’s f*** rewarding.
  12. If you are not happy, move. Nothing can stop you. Nothing. No, not even you.
  13.  You have no weaknesses: you are what you are. Be aware of yourself as a whole
  14. Experiment- it’s fun! and you love it, you know that.
  15. Don’t let yourself be bullied with politeness. Be yourself always: damn transparent.
  16. Keep saying what you mean. Keep meaning what you say. There’s no greater form of love and respect than this (for self and others).
  17. Keep asking for forgiveness when you find you are wrong, or not completely right. There’s nothing wrong with it. If you cant be forgiven at least you tried. And if you can’t be forgiven, they maybe you were right after all.
  18. Keep doing your jokes, whomever doesn’t like them can fuck off (note 16. (tick!)). Humour is intelligence.
  19. Stop writing notes to self. Unless..

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  1. jmassapina permalink

    Absolutely brilliant !!!

    “The true value of human being can be found in degrees to which he has attained liberation from the self. “Albert Eeinstein

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