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I work  as a Scrum Master and I do it full time.

I am a Scrum Master both inside and outside the office, cause I believe life is an opportunity to share, learn and spread the best in us,  an opportunity to overcome ourselves. Being a Scrum Master means you have to push yourself to the limits of your comfort zones, and perhaps constantly create newer and wider places where you excel.

I know I could be, I can be ,anything. But I choose to be this. Also because life is already full of complex people, so I try to keep it simple, although I know I don’t always succeed.   I’m good generating ideas, I’m still a newbie controlling my own temper. Bu I’ll master it as part of me, and I’m making it now, at this right moment, my moment of truthfulness and also my moment of strength.

I’m not a writer, although I write. I’m not a speaker, although I talk. And I will listen if you sound truthful. Else, I’ll probably just knock you out with my sharp humour.

This blog is meant for me to have a space to wonder about stuff. I’m a natural critic. I’m tough and ironic. If I want to say something, I’ll just say it and I’ll deal with it. I’m a believer. I hate lazy people. I mean: I’m lazy…but I’m one of those lazy people that come up with good ideas just to reduce my effort and have time to do other being tough and have more lazy-oriented ideas. I’m not very patient. I guess this is my biggest virtue or handicap depending on which side you are :). But then again I love working. I love to be part of things. Build together. Have a meaning. Commitment. Focus. Simplicity. Trust. Openness. My values.

I always say to my closest friends: I rather die standing than live on my knees.

That’s me.

See ya,

Cátia Oliveira

Ps: If you want to get in contact with me just –

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