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Creating your Scrum Cards – Free Template

April 11, 2013

Hi :)

So after writing about how I prepare my templates (Creating your own Scrum Cards) for the team to write down User Stories, Bugs, Tasks and Improvements, I got some requests to make my template available.

So here it is : US-Bugs-Task-ToPrint (excel format).
Normally I print them using the coloured paper I want (the colours I use are in the Sheet name) and then just cut them in batches using a paper cutter.

In case you you don’t have coloured paper you can just fill out the cells with the color you want and print it in a Color Printer.

Hope it makes your life easier :)

Let me know if I can help you or provide something useful for you.

Catia Oliveira


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  1. Very useful, thanks.

  2. Hi there, nice template, are there automation instructions?

  3. shailendra permalink

    Thanks, it was useful to me.

  4. ismail permalink

    thank you, it helped me.

  5. Just a note permalink

    On the QA side, the cards are not equal sized in the left and right columns (about 5 mm difference).

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